Co-Curricular Actitivities


The first match that we had was at Nyakasura play ground where the team that we “SESEME SHE CRANES” met was Gadaffi where it won us and the score was ‘8’ for Gadaffi  and we had Nil.

The next picture shows where all the teams of different kind of games including football, hockey, basketball, rugby and more others had been organized and we were in Fort Portal town in a match past heading to the stadium for the official opening ceremony of the games.



Another picture shows the drama group and this was brought so as to entertain and we were told that they wanted to show us how they do it in their culture there in fort portal which was so amazing and interesting.


The other also shows the “SHE CRANES” team seatedtogether and other sports ladies and boys surrounding them, all these were listening to different organizers of the nationals who were giving us different information and telling us how sports is useful and important in our daily lives.

Back to the Post Primaries, the picture is showing the “SHE CRANES” warming up to play with St. Andrew’s Academy, Kisoro where we won by  2-0 which was our pleasure and pride because this is the last game that we were having in the group stages and qualified to go for the regionals.

And when I talk about the regionals, the picture is showing Kinkizi playing with Bishop Comboni SS. And the SHE CRANES are warming up from aside preparing to play with kinkizi after it had finished playing with Bishop Comboni SS. The game we played with Kinkizi, ended by 2-0 in favor of Seseme Girl’s SS.

The next picture also shows the team SESEME “SHE CRANES” posing for a group photo before having their match with Kihihi where they are also seen in another pic praying for the game they were going to have asking God to help them do their best in this game for everything they do, they believe that God is their savior and that is their nature always. Indeed as they entered the pitch Kihihi was the most fearful and strong team in their group but because the “SHE CRANES” trust in God and have team spirit, confidence, courage and potential, they were able to win the game where they won Kihihi by 2-1.


In the following picture, the SHE CRANES were having a match with St. Paul’s where we made a draw 1-1. And the captain year 2017 “FORTUNATE” is seen trying to score a goal where among the players of the opponents, some of them had already started shivering because they thought it was all done. For the keeper was even about to collapse.  In this game, another pic shows Phionah whom most of the people know as “Tissue” small but tough trying to also show one of the players from the opponents that she was not a joking subject even for a single minute. We LOVE YOU enjoy reading this. We SHE CRANES “football strugglers”.




‘   Team No TNT ‘