The  above  is  the  new  Head Girl  of  SESEME  GIRLS  Blessed  school  swearing  in  where  she  assured  the  blessed  girls  that she as  going  to  use  her  authority  and  work  hand  in  hand  with  them  and  without  fear or  favor  by the  help  of  the  almighty  God. The other people that are seen in front of the blessed girls’ are the members of the staff of SESEME GIRLS’ BLESSED GIRLS’ SCHOOL and the BLESSED MOM above in Black & White.

This that follows is the assistant head girl who also assured the girls that she was ready to do everything possible so as to see that the blessed girls are comfortable with the leadership of the school also with the help of God and the ‘BLESSED MOM’ is also seen taking  her own photo . The brown lady seen sitting in front in uniform is the outgoing assistant Head girl of 2017-2018. And the teacher aside is the chairman Electoral commission SESEME GIRLS’.

Another one BLESSED MOM’ talking to the BLESSED GIRLS sitting in front of her on the assembly ground. She told the BLESSED GIRLS that leadership is all about power, authority and God’s guidance. She told the in-coming prefects to always balance the leadership with academics for Excellency.

The above are also some of the prefectorial body 2018-2019 SESEME GIRLS’ who also said that they will serve the school without fear or favor with the help of our loving father

This one also shows the sports prefect handing over to her little blessed sister to take over from 2018-2019

The above blessed girls are the ones that won the whole district in academics the year 2017-2018 they acquired certificates as the academic giants of the year they include: Nyiransenga Winfred, Mujawimana Brenda, Mukiza Emily